Expect More!

OahuIndustrial.com is Hawaii's resource for industrial and investment real estate information and property availabilities. OahuIndustrial.com aims to serve as a full service resource for owners, users, and those seeking a broad range of commercial real estate needs, tools and services.

Our Promises to You

  1. Competence: Commercial real estate is constantly changing and we will be prepared! We focus solely on Hawaii’s investment and industrial market, and especially in the areas of Kakaako, Kalihi, Airport, Mapunapuna, Halawa, Peal City, Waipahu, Milltown, Sugarmill, Kapolei and Campbell. We strive to be knowledgeable in a broad range of commercial real estate strategies, transactions and procedures. If we don’t know the answer to your questions or inquiry, we will do whatever is necessary to find it!

  2. Communication: You should never have to call us more than once or wait at length for a return communication. We will return your communication the same day, even if it is after hours or on the weekend. Your time and needs are very valuable to us.

  3. Resource: Commercial real estate has many facets. (Tax planning, Legal advice, City, County, and State mandates, Architectual planning, Surveyors, Environmental Consultants, Banking, Contractors, Escrow officers, ect).

    We will serve as a resource for you in all areas of commercial real estate. If we cannot specifically assist you with a need, we will assist you with identifying those that can.

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  5. Your Business is important to us: We don't mean your real estate business. We take a genuine interest in your business and success and will strive to use a "What would we do if I were in their position, and how can we add value?" mentality. If we think a property we have identified is wrong for you, we will tell you.You should expect us to serve as a consultant and information provider, and never as a salesman.

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