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OahuIndustrial.com is Hawaii's resource for industrial and investment real estate information and property availabilities. OahuIndustrial.com aims to serve as a full service resource for owners, users, and those seeking a broad range of commercial real estate needs, tools and services.

Our Services

Commercial real estate is dynamic and can be complex. The ability to think outside of the box to best serve your needs is absolutely essential. Below is a partial list of services we can assist you with:

  1. Transaction management: Whether its leasing a 5,000 sq ft warehouse or purchasing a $5 million building as an investment, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to navigate you through the process and protect your interests. Having brokered over $500 million worth of commercial real estate transactions since 2006, and have been exposed to many scenarios and strategies invaluable to anticipating and servicing your specific needs and goals.

  2. Financial Analysis and Valuation: The commercial real estate market is always changing and property values are subjective depending on size, location, condition and amenities. Valuation is dependent on specific market conditions such as available financing. Our experience with investment properties and understanding methods of valuation (Replacement Value, Income Approach, and Comparable Sales) will be an invaluable resource in accurately valuing your property. Using a property operating data sheet, we can correctly analyze your properties current cash flow and capitalization rate value. (Income Approach)

  3. Section 1031(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 1031) states the recognition rules for realized gains (or losses) that arise as a result of an exchange of like-kind property held for productive use in trade or business or for investment. It states that none of the realized gain or loss will be recognized at the time of the exchange. It also states that the property to be exchanged must be identified within 45 days, and received within 180 days. (Other rules and procedures apply.)

  4. Lease extensions and rental savings: Economic conditions and specific circumstances can create pressure on both the landlord and tenant. An otherwise happy tenant may be content with their space, but due to declining economic conditions can no longer afford the rent previously agreed to. In many cases the landlord is just as nervous as the tenant. One solution is to work with the landlord to achieve a rent reduction in exchange for extension of the lease. This creates a win/win for landlord and tenant by securing longer term income for the landlord and providing immediate relief to the tenant, allowing him/her to continue to operate their business.

    Another option could be to grant a near term rent reduction which could be made up in later years, or to sublease a portion of the premises.

  5. Sale and Leaseback: Through analysis of your business needs and personal goals, a sale and leaseback may fit your short term capital needs and long range goals. This process includes the sale of a fixed asset that is then leased by the former owner from the new owner. A sale and leaseback permits a firm to withdraw its equity in an asset without giving up use of the asset. A saleleaseback transaction offers a company numerous benefits, including the ability of the seller to realize 100% of the current market value of the asset and use the proceeds to reinvest into its core operating business while maintaining use of the asset. Sale-leaseback transactions also diversify the funding sources of capital for a company outside the typical debt and equity markets and provide long-term capital with no financial covenants. The transaction provides the seller with the ability to deleverage its balance sheet and can offer tax benefits given that the rent/lease payments are tax-deductible.

  6. Consulting and Strategic Planning: Whether you need answers, have an identified need, or want to formulate a roadmap to success, we will exhaust our resources to help. Our services include analysis of your lease, market research, specific property research, ground lease consultation, and property valuation.

    Your relationship is very important to us. Please do not ever hesitate to schedule an appointment to brainstorm and discuss your current position and goals.